Saturday, March 5, 2011

Microsoft resumes the February WP7 update for Samsung phones

It looks like Microsoft has ironed out the issues that plagued the first update for their WP7 mobile platform. The issues that lead to bricking of some Samsung Omnia 7 units are now taken care of and the update has been made available once again.
Microsoft has been pushing the update since yesterday and we are getting no user reports of bricked devices so far.
The company didn't say what the "technical issue" with the Samsung WP7 smartphones was, but it's a good thing they fixed it so quickly.
The update is being sent-out on a rolling schedule and your WP7 device will notify you when it has arrived. Have in mind, though that the update itself is not available over the air and you will need to plug your handset into your computer and use Zune to get it.
Microsoft are also still sending the update to Windows Phone 7 devices from other manufacturers, so even if you haven't received yours there's no reason to worry just yet.
Now that they have this one cleared we are hoping they will get back to work on the major update. We'd love to try some copy/paste and voice-guided navigation on WP7.

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