Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nokia E6-00 leaks again with a bang, images and videos galore

The Nokia E6-00 has come out of the shadows yet again in another of its typical monthly leaks. If you remember, it was first hinted in a leaked Nokia XML file, then a month later some photos of the device emerged. And finally, a couple of weeks ago, a new photo of the E6 was revealed with the phone sporting a classy black look.

This time though, the Nokia E6-00 pays a much bigger visit to the masses. Instead of being shy, showing only a couple of images, a member of the Nokioteca Forums got his hands on it and took the unannounced Nokia candybar for a test drive.
Not only did he take clear photos of the white Nokia E6, but he also made a couple of software tour videos along with camera samples.
All this means that now several things are confirmed. First, the Nokia E6-00 features an 8 megapixel dual-led flash EDoF camera, capable of 720p video recording just as the cameras on the E7-00 and the C6-01. Also, the OS is a special version of the Symbian^3 adapted for 4:3 aspect ratio screens.
Here are the hands-on images of the white Nokia E6-00 candybar.

Nokia E6-00 held in hand
Not only does the E6 look good in white, but also it sports a front VGA camera. The screen is what appears to be a 2.6-inch capacitive touchscreen with a resolution of 640x480 pixels.
As we told you, the 8MP snapper on the back of the E6 shoots 720p HD video. Here's a video sample but keep in mind that the device probably packs early pre-production hardware and software, so the quality of the video and images is not final.

.. and an image sample.
Finally, here are the three Symbian^3 tour videos. Don't get too excited though, as they are really blurry and not too revealing. Nevertheless, take a look at them, but don't try too hard to read what's on the screen, because your eyes will hurt.

There's no word from Nokia about neither a release timeframe for the E6-00, nor how much it'll cost. What we do know is that we can definitely expect it to come out in white and classy black.

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