Monday, March 28, 2011

Nokia gets a facelift: bye to Nokia Sans, hello to Nokia Pure

Have you ever thought how much a font can change the perception of a company brand or logo? We guess you have, but we bet you've never put as much attention as Nokia does. And it's only natural, as their current font (or typeface) is one of the most recognizable ones in the world.
Not surprisingly, in tune with their new market strategy, they are also changing their branding, going from the well known Nokia Sans to something more modern - the Nokia Pure.

The Nokia Sans font was something most of us are so accustomed to that even a character or two in the recognizable blue color allow you to immediately recognize it what it represents.

The Nokia Pure compared to other fonts

The Nokia Pure is by all means a clean and beautiful font. And Nokia claims that it was designed specifically for digital environments.

It will soon land on all Nokia devices, Nokia's website, ads and documents.

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