Friday, April 8, 2011

Google Nexus S with AT&T bands available in black or white, $600

AT&T users can grab a Google Nexus S with the proper 3G bands – sure, not from AT&T itself but there are other retailers that offer it. Even better, you have a choice between a black and a white color version – it was just black before.
Google’s second droid, the Google Nexus S, first launched with T-Mobile, which meant that users on other networks couldn’t get in on the fun. Now the Samsung I9020A, which is the model name of the AT&T’s Nexus S, is officially on sale.
As a consolation for the wait, users can get the phone in white (well, just the back anyway) – and T-Mobile users can’t (for now anyway). Negri Electronics carries both the black and white Google Nexus S for AT&T – both at the same price of $598.5 (for comparison, that’s €416). AT&T don't offer it (for now), so there's no option to get it on a contract.
Some lucky guy already bought the white Nexus S (just a day after the launch) and did what anyone else would have done – he took some unboxing photos. Here they come:

White Google Nexus S with AT&T 3G bands
As you can see, the white version comes with Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread, which is still very new and fairly rare.

The white Nexus S is running Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread Sprint’s Google Nexus S 4G (with CDMA and WiMAX connectivity) is coming soon too. The Canadian launch of the Nexus S is nearing as well – several operators will reportedly carry the phone there, with Fido pricing the phone at $500 (Canadian) for pre-paid or $100 (again, Canadian) with a 3-year contract.
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