Sunday, April 3, 2011

XPERIA Play hits the world, has your games backed up

Today's the day that the XPERIA Play hits the world in many markets - UK, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. With a number of optimized games and Playstation 1 games included in the Android Market and Playstation Pocket to help the Play to a great start.

In the UK the XPERIA Play has been delayed for most of the major carriers, but it seems that T-Mobile UK has the Play in stock after all. Also we've received a tip from a source in Tesco phone shops in the UK, saying that they have the XPERIA Play in stock too. Also we've received information about the phone being available at the Carphone Warehouse in the UK.
The amount of games, available for the XPERIA Play is more than 60, and they will all be downloadable in the first week. Also the game Asphalt 6 by Gameloft is an exclusive free game on the Play - now that's great news right there.
A number of Playstation 1 games have been added to the Android Market and will be available to XPERIA Play owners only. As you know the PSX1droid emulator has been removed to prevent the possibility of playing Playstation 1-ported games free of charge.
We've already listed most of the games that will be available on the Play at launch. There are surely some exciting titles.
Thanks to our tipsters, we'll post new information as soon as it becomes available.

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