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The importance of good relationships for business success

Business communication became one of the important factors in the company's success. Businessmen can better sell products with good communication and can also prevent misunderstandings between the two parties. In the business activities, such as marketing, you definitely have to go

Furthermore, vacancies in every advertising job usually find the terms so that employees can communicate well. There are two types of communication in business that you should know are:

The Types Of Communication

a. Horizontal Communication
That is how to communicate its aim to establish a good relationship between a boss and embodied level usually with meetings at regular intervals.

b. Vertical Communication
That is the process of delivering information from superiors to subordinates or from subordinates to superiors. For example every officer must give the report to your boss every day with the aim to coordinate all activities to run smoothly and in accordance with the objectives of the company.

From conditions like that very important business communication is applied to all businesses, both as a boss or subordinates. In addition, there are several factors which have an effect on business communications.

Factors that Affect business communications

a. Perceptions
Each Communicator or the person that talks should be able to do the prediction that what is delivered will be easily accepted as clearly by the komunikan or people who listen to it.

b. the credibility
In any business communications, communicators must be able to convince it to komunikan so that the trust is created between the two.

c. Suitability
With the match, the two sides will be interwoven relationships better and fun, so when communicating become trusting and comfortable feel.

d. Accuracy
Before communicating to the komunikan, the Communicator should have a good thinking framework so that communication can later entwined with good and can be delivered appropriately.

e. Control
Self-control in communication is very important, because communication is the process of providing feedback or response to the caller's response to an idea. In addition, when communication takes place to always do the control of the main goal and purpose of communication could be maintained.

The Purpose Of Business Communications

In any business communication that happens there is certainly a goal that will be achieved, the following main purpose business communications 3 things you should know:

a. provide information
The purpose of the first business communication is to provide information. The information presented is information that has to do with business and delivered in the right way and the right time.

For example, a Director looking for a candidate to be the new Secretary with all of the requirements that must be met and installed in the media, both print and online. Advertising in print and online this is what is called in the business of providing information, i.e. the information to search for a new Secretary.

b. Give Persuasion
The purpose of the second communication is to give persuasion. Persuasion is the communication that are used with the purpose to convince and influence others. In business communication, persuasion much done primarily on things that have to do with business negotiations.

c. Conduct of cooperation
The last goal in business communications is conducting a cooperation between both sides. By doing a good cooperation between the two sides, then to be able to achieve success in business is made easier.

Communication in business is indeed important applied properly, making it easier to achieve business success. If indeed You felt less able to communicate well, then you better start learning to sharpen myself so clever in communicating.

Sample Business Presentations/Pitch Deck/Presentation Of The Business Plan

Presenting the business, it is possible that it to potential financial specialists, supllier, or other key colleagues, we require great correspondence media.

A standout amongst the most mainstream stages that are commonly utilized for the introduction of the profile of the organization or business is to utilize Power Point.

  • Commonly used both individual and corporate
  • Information can be delivered in runut
  • Can strengthen the message with pictures
  • Delivered based on the main points
  • In this article, we'll share examples of corporate profile in the field of food products. An example of this kind of presentation in the business world, commonly referred to as pitch decks.

An example of a good business Presentation
In making business presentations are good, not all the information related to your business to be delivered.

Do not also provide info which is primary, but given only half-measures, because it will confuse Your audience.

Give the information if it is indeed required by the reader or viewer of your presentation. Know what they need.

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Simply put, if you make a presentation to investors, then sertakanlah map market as well as the funds are there. If you want to present to the strategic business partners, then communicate more value from the products that you offer, and so on.

In General, the main points which must be in the form of primarily business presentation products, may be based on this format. The format below is already quite comprehensive as company profile in presentation or business plan.

Contents Of Business Presentations
The following should be contained in a business presentation:

Background, problem behind the inception of the business idea
Reason, why your business is the solution
The business model, how do you make money
Value added, which makes Your product different business or
The size of the market, who's so the target market and how big its potential
Financial calculation, how projections of the benefits
The existing conditions of your business
Company needs you now
For more details, please refer to the example of business presentation of food products from this company Mendem Duren. If you have any questions, please, delivered via the comments field. May be useful.

The sense and purpose of the business presentation

The sense and motivation behind the introduction illustrated the accompanying firmly identified with business introductions. In the business world, the introduction exercises of different imperative occasions, for example, the accommodation of a proposition for another undertaking, new item improvement, advertise development, and others, is just the same old thing new. A decent business introduction will give you a decent effect for the organization or establishment.

Along these lines, the introduction of the business ought to be done in readiness of cooked with the goal that the reason for the introduction successful and effective business can be accomplished.

As a follow-up to the comprehension and portrayal the motivation behind this introduction will be examined about different issues identified with how to complete a decent business introduction, extending from the reason for completing a business introduction, the phases of planning, assurance apparatus business introductions, dissect your gathering of people, investigating nonverbal signals, prompt the survey area, how to create self-assurance, and rehearsing business introductions.

Proportional words in English introduction is introduction. Allude to the Merriam Webster word reference, introduction is characterized as an action in which somebody appears, portrays, or disclose something to a gathering of individuals. That is, the introduction is an action where an individual show, depict, or disclose something to a gathering of individuals.

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A presenter (speaker) who did a presentation in front of audiences (audience) surely has certain goals to be achieved. To achieve these goals, a presenter will need to prepare carefully, both having to do with mental preparation, understanding the material want delivered, the tools used, and a good understanding towards the audience.

In General, business presentation has four principal objectives (Djoko Purwanto, 2006) which can be described as follows: 1. Inform Business messages to the audience of one of the most common business presentations are delivered or inform (inform) business messages to an audience (audience). Business messages that are submitted must of course be interesting, simple, easy to understand, and easy listening audience. Avoid the forms presentation is dull, monotone, vague, and its language is difficult to understand.

2. Entertaining Audiences in addition to providing information, presentation of business also has the purpose to entertain (entertain) audience. This means that to achieve the goal of business presentations a speaker need to slip the humor-humor fresh which is able to turn the atmosphere. Namur, the atmosphere in the presentation of such business also need to be controlled, do not get out of control so that it will look like no atmosphere or slapstick jokes.

An experienced speaker will know when he has to change the rhythm of the presentation and when to insert humor-humor mood refresher. To keep in mind is that the humor that is inserted in a business presentation was merely as a distraction and not the main one.

3. Touch the Emotions of the audience in addition to inform clan entertaining, business presentation also has the purpose to be able to touch the emotion (emotion) audience. An experienced speaker certainly taboo how conveying business messages that are able to touch the emotions of the audience.

In the style of talk and voice intonation, a speaker is able to arouse the emotions of the audience. For example, a speaker can only arouse the emotions of the audience for a vibrant, compassionate or drift off into concerns, through the expression which is presented by the speaker.

4. Motivate your audience to Act the purpose of the presentation is to give business the last motivation (motivation) to an audience to do something or act according to the desired speakers. In motivating audiences, a speaker need to state it explicitly instead of using the language of the preamble to the clan. In the sense that what the speaker wants must be expressly and clearly covered in the presentation. For example, the speaker appealed to employees to reaffirm his commitment to improving the working discipline, enhance the competitiveness of companies through improved product quality and the like. In short, how a speaker capable of eliciting a reaction of the audience.

So the sense and purpose of business presentations, discussion of next is the things that are necessary in the preparation stages of business presentations.

The Importance Of A Business Consultant

Business Consultants

We began taking in the best approach to comprehend and become acquainted with what is a business specialist. Specialist as per wikipedia is an expert who gives mentorship (consultancy benefit) in explicit specialized topics. a specialist with the standard specialists it is altogether different on the grounds that an expert isn't a worker of the organization yet rather somebody who maintains his very own business or work in an organization of mentorship, and additionally managing distinctive penggunalayan in one time. While the Business itself could be called additionally with endeavors in the field of economy. so I presume that business advisor is somebody who is a specialist in advertising kepenasehatan menaggani.

A showcasing expert is a person who works with business and association based per-venture. The advisors are for the most part work independent, yet some of the time it can work for a counseling firm. Possibly it's that I can disclose to the authority counseling business. the activity of a kosultan Business is surely in some cases there are simple and some are troublesome. Everything relies upon the issues of every customer.

You will most likely request precedent, what we have to utilize the administrations of an advisor for a Business adventure? a great many people who haven't seen in what capacity will sling the inquiry like that.

Clearer and you comprehend this, he stated, a quality item, won't be the cash if not promoted. For it to wind up the fundamental focus for showcasing a business. To create market or advertising procedure that is extremely decent, it is now and again difficult. to make strategies and systems in exchange require crisp thoughts and dynamic.

Sometimes an entrepreneur are good at creating a quality product but confusion when have to sell or distribute the product. Do not be mistaken for a company that is already developed and established there is no longer a consultant business. The functions and duties of consultant here instead of simply providing direction and input on how to market the product, but rather can help formulate a solution to the problem, making execution how to act, etc.

This makes a business consultant is very important because a business consultant help create a marketing plan details, specify the message marketing, and recognize some of the marketing to be issuing the message.

A marketing consultant with expertise and pengetahuaya of consumer behavior and marketing process. This includes the ability to identify target market companies and their position towards the products and services offered, in a way that attracts consumers and get them to buy it. Nestling great marketing consultant is not just smart thinking creatively, but also must be good at analysis. They have to be not only creative, but also should be able to get the results of kreatifivitas marketing.

With a business consultant, then companies can be helped in thinking. But a powerful strategy is urgently needed in order to be able to create great products and pemasaranya business and practice hard.  about cash or financial condition of the company, a business man asked him again the same as the previous question, should a consultant business? Of course it is absolutely necessary for a business. the amount of the costs incurred for consultations, of course not comparable in value to the results of the successful diraup after the consultations on marketing or marketing. So if consulting fees incurred for a bit, while the results achieved could be more, so what's the harm?

Benefits of a Business Plan

Should field-tested strategy when you begin a business? Obviously it should be. To act and discover what will we do, we require an arrangement or arranging.

This arrangement later portrays how to granulate, anybody engaged with the business, the area of the business, the wellspring of capital, and some more. A marketable strategy that can convey very much created organization towards the door to progress.

Business good and bad times looked by all organizations. A wide scope of difficulties and conditions not really constantly smashing like waves on the shoreline. This is the frame of mind of specialists will be tried. Mampukah he confronted this circumstance or departure from the real world?

The difficulties are basic in business, however a significant number of the representatives who ketar-ketir the essence of this circumstance. To limit the issue and make the business increasingly directional, all organizations ought to have a field-tested strategy.

In this manner, what are a portion of the advantages that can be gotten from the presence of a field-tested strategy? See the clarification beneath.

1. Initiate a business

Business can exist or existed because of the business plan. In the absence of a business plan, an attempt which has just been established will of course run into trouble while developing his business. The existence of a clear business plan makes you know what are the things that will be done in the future. In addition, you will also have a clear picture on how to combine various sorts of instruments belonging to develop such business.

Assemble the business plan in detail. Do the classification field and Division of labor are obvious. The existence of a good business plan always will drive business success. Trust me!

2. Help Capital

Knowledge and readiness of a businessman can be judged from business plan forward. The better, deeper, he knows the ins and outs of the business to run.

Open business is not an easy thing, especially in terms of capital. The capital is the most crucial thing. Someone who wants to do business is often hampered by the limited capital owned. The existence of a detailed business plan, neat, nice and can be used as an attraction to bring in investors to infuse capital in a business that is pursued. In addition, you will also be more easily get the support funds from creditors or other financial institutions.

3. to Help make decisions

Business plan a signs-traffic signs which can be used to determine the direction and goals, as well as deciding whether a business on the street in accordance with the planned or not. For example, if sales targets are already achieved or not, the financial position of the company, and the appeal of consumer products. If the trio is not reached, You need to know what the main causes. In addition, you also need to follow up on the matter so that it does not occur in continuous or sustained.

4. Objectives and Business Priorities more clearly

A business plan can help you to know the goals and priorities of the business. The existence of a measure against the margin of profit, the launch of new products, and the parties involved helps you to realize business objectives. In addition, the business plan also helps you to focus on the problems that occur. Thus, the problem can be grouped by priority issue. For example, financial, marketing, and management.

5. Help develop business ideas

The existence of a business plan to make business ideas will be more planned and systematic. Through several approaches on a business plan, you will be easier to manage human resources (HR), knowing who was the target of production, knowing what is produced, a proper marketing system, and what operational strategy so business can run elections caused success. Business ideas that have emerged can also be used to develop the product. There purpose is to make innovation and product is not stuck on just one type of course.

6. Give an overview to the consumers and investors

As already explained at the beginning, a good business plan can bring in investors and creditors to provide capital. For example, in terms of marketing. The existence of a business plan makes us more sensitive to the product. It can also be used to compare our product with other similar companies. The presence of a low level sales makes us strive to find solutions for business products introduces us to outside parties.

Business Plan Definition according to experts and Explanation

As a standout amongst the most critical part in enterprise, the learning of understanding the genuine Field-tested strategy are extremely vital. In the discourse this time, we will endeavor to comprehend the feeling of the Marketable strategy as it has been characterized by specialists.

Some of the time, a horrendous part of business arranging does not coordinate the outcome with reality after the activities. It is probably going to happen and can't be faulted in light of the fact that the financial parameters in the genuine market (genuine market) hard idea to and regularly evolving. That is what's causing a business endure or continue running walupun results with arranging is contorted is from the inspiration stayed solid from his business.

Business Plan

Why should I create a Business Plan before you start business?
In fact no one should be. Anyway, when in our mind thinks the desire to make an effort, surely will think of what kind of effort also will be made, target market who, where its location is how long plan row, and are popping up in our brain.

Well, when all plans, ideas, and ideas of yesteryear just spinning around in the brain, then it is likely to be distorted in other ideas, lose focus, skip the things that should have gotten more attention, the edges are we confused where to start , or if it's already running we lost direction because it had already earlier could not be the way.

Different if we wrote down all the plan earlier in the form of a good Business Plan. We will easily see, other people who we sodori can also see more side and lack of. So for example any time he refused to cooperate, we can easily fix this, as all recorded systematically. The bottom line is, we don't have to start from scratch again every time.

In summary, here are the 5 reasons why the business plan should be made, namely:

Business Plan is the blueprint of your efforts, you will and employees as well as those who work with you in its operation. She will help you stay creative and focus on the goal that has been set.
Business Plan is a tool to find a Fund, so succeeding in business.
Business Plan is a means of communication to attract other people, suppliers, consumers, and funders. Business plan will make them understand the purpose and way of operating your business.
Your business plan is going to simplify doing business with you know the practical steps facing competition, create promotions, and thus more effective.
Make oversight easier to operate, whether following or in accordance with the plan or not.
Understanding Business Plan according to experts
Business Plan according to Hisrich and Peters:

"The business plan is a written document prepared by the entrepeneur that describe all the relevant external and internal elements involved in starting a new venture. It is often an integration of functional plans such as marketing, finance, manu facturing and human resources. " (Hisrich, Peter, 1995:113).

So a business plan is a written document prepared by the entrepreneur that describe all the relevant elements of both internal, as well as eksterhal about the company to start during the effort. Its content is integrated planning regarding Bering marketing, capital, manufacturing and human resources.

Business Plan according to Max Coulthard, Andrea Howell, and Geoff. Clarke:

"The Business plan is a detailed study of the Organization's activities, which highlights where the organization has been, where it is owe and where it might get to in the future, and incorporates an action program to achieve these results." (M. Coulthard, a. Howell, g. Clarke, 1999:3).

Business Plan according to Megginson:

It is a written statement setting forth the business's mission and objectives, its operational and financial details, its ownership and management structure and how it says to achieve its objectives (Megginson, 2000)

This means that the Business plan is a written plan that contains a mini and business purposes, how it works and details of financial/capital composition of the owners and management and how to achieve the purpose of his business.

Business Plan according to Bygrave:

A business plan is a document that convincingly demonstrates the ability of your business to sell enough of its product or service to make a satisfactory profit and be attractive to potential backers.

A better definition: A business plan is a selling document that conveys the excitement and promise of your business to any potential backers or stake holders. (Bygrave 1994:114)

This means that the Business Plan is a document that expressed confidence in the ability of a business to sell goods or services by generating profits that satisfy and appeal to funders.

A better definition States that a Business Plan is a selling document that expresses the attraction and hope a business to potential funders.

Bygrave further explained that:

Business Plan is a document provided by the entrepreneur complies with professional advisor's view that contains details about the past, current situation and future tendency of a company. Its content includes analysis of managerial, the physical state of the building, employees, products, capital sources, information on the operations of the company during this and the market position of the company. Business Plan also contains details about the company's balance sheet, profit, cash flow projections for the coming two years. Also contains the views and ideas of the members of the management team. This concerns the strategy goals to achieve.

Business plan is made in the form of short term or long term, first followed for three years running. Business plan is a road map or travel plans which will be followed by self-employment. Business plan seemed to be answering the question: Where am I now? Where am I going? How will I get there?

Who require a Business Plan in addition to you?
Potential investors, banks, consultants, staff employees, suppliers of goods and even consumers will learn this business plan.

A business plan can be assessed by readers by providing assessment weighting is very good, good, moderate, and less good.

Regarding the depth and details of a business plan is very dependent upon the extent of the business that will be done, whether the business is a large-scale industry or just the store grocery items.

Business Plan is an important document and is very useful for a business, showing the State of present and future requirements.

So this business planning or business plan is research on the activities of the Organization now and to come and put together activities to get the desired results poured in a planning document. Business planning/business plan is research on the activities of the Organization now and to come and put together activities to get the desired results poured in a planning document. Business planning is very closely related to self-employment, for business planning is made so that the results of the creation of the effort being made to approach with the reality. Expected good business planning with the then planning with the reality of having a fairly small differences. Therefore business planning can be used as guidelines for the creation of the venture. Source: entrepreneurmuda, sondyi

How to Fill and a sample Business Model Canvas is right

Business Models Canvas or commonly abbreviated with BMC started to get fame in Indonesia. Many universities that teach the BMC, making it an alternative to the traditional business plan. Nine blocks of business model canvas creations of Alexander Osterwalder from scratch made for facilitating businessmen in writing a business plan. In brief, the BMC is the blueprint of your startup company.

Why Should The BMC
What are the advantages compared to a regular business plan BMC? Unless you are a wonderful and composed the hobby writing 50-page business plan that most likely does not apply in the real world, you should already be thinking of trying to write business model canvas. BMC is perfect applied in startup technology needs change very fast, but still could also be used for non-technology businesses. If you write a 50 page business plan, then after running it there is something wrong, you should write 50 pages again. While in MIAMI, if there are faulty, you can replace it more quickly. BMC makes the entrepreneur has more time in executing its business, not waste time in making plans.

How To Fill In The BMC
Basically, the BMC contains 9 block that will be explained further below. How to fill them yourself depending on your business needs. Each business, could be different from the way the order of filling it. Writing business model canvas can be started from the offer (offer-led), resources that we've got (resource-led), customers that are already known to us (customer-led), the funds we have (finance-led), or completely random (multiple centre-led).

To ease understanding of BMC, we will create a virtual company that BMC would we make together. At the same time to prove that the BMC is not exclusive to the technology, we will be making a fashion company. Let's just say we founded the "Evelyn's Boutique", a company that offers batik fashion for kids. See what kind of business, we will provide a sample business model canvas with methods offer-led, charging starts from offers that we have.

Value Proposition
What is a Value Proposition

Basically, the value proposition is the first block that must be filled when we use offer-led methods. Value proposition is itself a value or value that we offer to customers. Benefits and advantages of our products than the competition is the thing that has to be written down in value proposition.

Categories in the value proposition

Then, Ministry, value proposition can be filled in accordance categories:

Newness: new product/service that has never been offered before are usually found in the world of technology.

Performance: product/service offered in order to improve the performance of our customer be more efficient/more effective.

Customization: product/service offered different/no option for each segment has different/diverse needs.

Getting the Job Done: by purchasing the brg will help customer solve something.

Design (Design): offers more artistic value Dr. merely functional.

Status (Brand): a high class brands give social status to the purchasers.

The price (Price): offers competitive rates or in accordance with a customer its segment.

Save (Cost reduction): product/service offer helps streamline customer usage fees.

Manage the risk (Risk reduction): offering products/services that minimize the risks borne by the customer of such warranty.

Access (Accessibility): makes it easy to access the customer against the products/services offered.

Comfort (Convenience/usability): product/service offers a convenient and tend to simplify customer.

How stupid fill value proposition

How dumb can this be used for beginner, or when you create a BMC for the purposes of College and business competition. Just write with the format "category: description". For example, in the Evelyn's of our Boutique, value proposition is

Design: offers special batik design that can be used by kids

Performance: batik Evelyn's kids Boutique can be used for the purposes of formal and casual, because the material is comfortable for the little one.

How to fill out a business model canvas: value proposition

If the way pintarnya, you can fill in the value proposition remains the appropriate category, but can be pronounced so that it can become Your sales pitch. The format that we recommend:

(product name) is (what you sell). Don't like the name (your competition), we offer a (Excellence). For (your main customer), we had the (advantage again) ".

This format can be pronounced under 30 seconds, easy to remember, and still contains a rule business model canvas. The following when applied to Evelyn's Boutique ours:

Value Proposition

Evelyn's Boutique is a boutique that sells batik clothing for children. Not like other boring products batik, batik designs make our favored children. For children under 12 years old, from Evelyn's batik Boutique can be used for formal or casual event.

Customer Segments
What is customer segments

After filling in the value proposition, the second step is to find people who may be interested in the value that we offer. Customer segments is the categorization of people who may be interested with the value proposition of our business.

Categories within customer segments

Mass Market: a market segment with these types of needs and the same problem.

Niche Market: a specific market segment.

Segmented: market segments that have different needs but in one category.

Diversified: market segments that have a need or a problem that is very different.

Multi-sided Platform: serves 2 or more market segment of the market that are mutually dependent.

How to fill out a business model canvas: customer segments

If You fill it with mass market, bad news for you: Your business is likely to fight in the commodity goods. Blue ocean business did not play in the mass market. To fill out our customer segments, you are also advised to give priority of each segment. Example of charging for Evelyn's Boutique:

Customer Segments

Priority 1 (and early adopters): a young mother who has a child under 12 years.

Priority 2: retail stores and retail kids in Surabaya.

Priority 3: retail stores and retail of batik in Surabaya.

Customer Relationship
What is customer relationship

Customer relationship is the ways that you can use to communicate with our customer segments. Typically, many people are confused or differentiate between customer relationship channels. The key word is relationship. Customer relationship problem relationship, if channel reserved the way you reach out to customer segments.

Category in customer relationship

Transactional: buy a disconnect.

Long-term: long term relationships between you and the customer.

Personal Assistance: there is a sales-rep serving your customers.

Self Service: Customers serve themselves, usually in the retail business.

Automated Service: Customers don't even need to your store, usually in the SaaS business.

Community: you are creating communities for customers.

Co-creation: you invite customers create something for your business.

How to fill out a business model canvas: customer relationship

For example the case of Evelyn's Boutique, there are two customer relationship that may be done:

Customer Relationship

Transactional: buy a disconnect when the transaction.

Co-creation: invites mothers to apply batik design their own children.


Photo: batik Store is one of the channel that can be used

What is channels

Basically channels is the way You reach out to the customer. Not limited to distribution, but also other things that cause your business and customer contact.

Categories within channels

Direct: sales force, web sales, own stores.

Indirect: partner stores, wholesaler.

Awareness: the early stages inform the customer.

Evaluation: how to help the customer evaluates the value proposition offered.

Purchase: ways customer made a purchase.

Delivery: how to deliver the value proposition (product/service) to the customer.

After Sales: customer support after the transaction occurred.

How to fill out a business model canvas: channels

Still using Evelyn's Boutique, a suitable channel for the following:


Direct: direct sales to housewives, door-to-door.

Indirect: the deposit of goods Evelyn's Boutique retail traders in the market to Turi.

Awareness: using social media and internet to popularize Evelyn's Boutique.

Key Activities
What are the key activities

Column of the key activities to be filled with the obligatory activities undertaken by the company to produce the value proposition offered.

Acquisition of particular resources and activities: mengakuisisi perusahaan lain untuk meningkatkan kemampuan kinerja perusahaan.

Categories in key activities

Production: activity design, make, deliver the product.

Problem Solving: the activity of operation that usually appear on the company's consultant, hospitals, service provider organizations.

Platform Network: a place or a container of the merging of two or more market segment for interacting/transaction or build a network.

How to fill out a business model canvas: key activities

For business Evelyn's Boutique, and most business clothing line, here's the key activities:

Key Activities

Production: designing a suitable motifs as well as produce it to market to children.

Key Resources
What are key resources

Key resources are the most important things that you must have in order for the key activities can be performed and value proposition can be given to the customer.

Categories in key resources

Physical asset: the factory facilities, buildings, vehicles, machinery.

Intellectual: brand, patent rights, copyright, database and the database of customer partnership, confidential information of the company

Human: Labor

Financial: financial resources the company cash, credit, bonds, shares

How to fill out a business model canvas: key resources

Here's the key resources needed by the Evelyn's Boutique:

Key Resources

Intellectual property: patent Evelyn's brand Boutique.

Human: upscale fashion designer to design batik special children.

Financial: initial capital of x million dollars to run the Evelyn's Boutique.

Key Partners
What is that key partners

Key partners are the parties you can invite cooperation with the aim of:

Optimization and Economy: motivation partnered to optimize resource allocation and activity considering a company does not need to have all the resources and conduct its activities alone.

Reduction of Risk and Uncertainty: reduce risk and uncertainty in the environment competition.

Categories within key partners

Strategic Alliance between non-competitors: cooperation with the company did not reply.

Coopetition: cooperation with competitors.

Joint ventures to develop new business: collaboration to form a new venture.

Buyer supplier relationship: a relationship just as buyers and sellers usually occurs on the motif of optimization and economy of scale.

How to fill out a business model canvas: key partners

In a startup, key partners is very important, because it can reduce costs and accelerate growth. Here's our scenario for Evelyn's Boutique:

Key Partners

Strategic Alliance: with the garment for menjahitkan products Evelyn's Boutique.

Supplier Relationship: deposit products Evelyn's Boutique retail shops in the market of Turi.

Cost Structure

Photo: fashion designer Salary is the cost structure of the largest fashion business

What is a cost structure

Cost structure is the largest expenses details that you must spend to perform key activities and generate value proposition.

Categories in the cost structure

Cost-driven: sensitive to the price of raw materials.

Value-driven: the company is not too think of the price of production/raw materials because the sale is the value/art/status/lifestyle.

Fixed cost: costs-fixed costs that appear are not dependent on the amount of production

Variable cost: costs that appear vary according the amount produced

How to fill out a business model canvas: cost structure

Based on the previous columns in BMC Evelyn's Boutique, here is the cost structure:

Cost Structure

Cost-driven: the cost of exit depending on the price of the fabric.

Fixed cost: salaries of 1 person fashion designer.

Variable cost: the cost of sewing depends how the clothes would be produced.

Revenue Stream
What is a revenue stream

Revenue stream in the BMC will we fill with a variety of ways to turn a profit from the value proposition we. The language of the ballpark: how we get the money.

Categories in the revenue stream

Asset Sale: selling physical products.

Usage Fee: the customer pays the appropriate length using the product/service.

Subscription Fees: the cost of the subscription.

Lending/renting/leasing: the cost of borrowing/usage/usage.

Licensing: fee permits use of the service/product.

How to fill out a business model canvas: revenue stream

For this type of business Evelyn's Boutique and clothing line, other revenue streamnya fairly common, namely:

Revenue Stream

Asset Sale: sales Evelyn's batik Boutique.

That's how fill out the business model canvas case with BMC's business fashion and offer-charging led. The following is the appearance of BMC Evelyn's Boutique that already so.

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